Here are the links to some of the brilliant things that have helped me along the way…

Decopatch – be very careful…once you start covering things with these pretty papers you wont be able to stop lol.

Lush – I love their shower gels, bath bombs and bubble bath bars.

The Artists Way – If you’ve never read this book, you really must! Julia Cameron is a ledge!

Journal prompts – a whole 365 of them…and totally FREE! That should inspire you.

Nanowrimo – If you’ve ever thought about writing a novel…do it in November 😊

Podcasts – I highly recommend – Gretchen RubinChris Gethard/Beautiful AnonymousAnn Kroeker (for writers).

Neals Yard – for aromatherapy oils and skincare.

Magnesium – The one I take.

Inspire Now – My gorgeous daily planner…I love it!

How To Eat Loads & Lose Weight – My favourite diet book…EVER!

Meditation for Beginners – A very down to earth book that teaches you the basics.

A Year of Wonder – A piece of classical music for every day of the year.

The 52 Lists Project – Love lists? One a week for the year.