All About Me

Hi I’m Vikki…a mum…a wife…a grandmother (eek! How did that happen?) and unpublished writer. I live in Kent (UK) with my husband, elderly cat and 3 Pugs. I’m currently studying for a BA in Creative Writing and in my spare time (ha ha ha!) I like to read and watch paranormal investigation type shows.

So why did i start this Blog? As a wife and mother, I’ve spent 30 years looking after everyone else. Looking after myself wasn’t a priority, it seemed almost selfish. When the kids left home my husband and I decided to downsize to a house that needed total renovation. Unfortunately, not long after moving in I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis (a condition I’ve actually had for over 20 years) which has left me feeling exhausted, miserable and completely washed out.

2019 hasn’t been the greatest of years. Lack of sleep coupled with persistent pain has left my mood low and i feel drained of my happiness. I’ve lost my spark, but fortunately, I’ve not slipped into depression, although I’m sure I’ve been close. To stop myself from ending up down that slope I’ve realised that I need to start putting myself first. Taking care of me…every single day. I’m not just talking about the odd treat. I’m talking about caring for my mind and body, on a daily basis.

It’s going to be hard, I know that. There are so many areas of my life that need work. But I’m excited by the idea that things can, and will, change. Doing things that will make me feel good and taking an active role in my own well being feels like a small adventure. It’s time to recharge my battery…it’s time to start a journey…

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