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As Light As A Feather

Ok, perhaps not quite like a feather...but I'm getting there lol It's been a rough week...I can't begin to tell you how many hours I've spent on Right Move, looking for a rental property to move into. It's been so stressful and mentally exhausting. So yesterday (after much soul searching and debate) we decided to… Continue reading As Light As A Feather

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Win Win

Yesterday I spent the day focusing on the "wins" and there were surprisingly, quite a few. Yesterdays "wins"... I completed all my #teamtomm Level 1 tasksI completed all my #teamtomm Level 2 tasksI downsized my wrist watch collection and put over half of them into the charity shop bagAnd I also put ALL my junk… Continue reading Win Win

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Less Is Now

In my pursuit of "downsize the most painless way possible" and to take my mind off my eye infection, I found myself watching this on Netflix yesterday... https://youtu.be/jn-xbOCZOiQ How comes I'd never heard of these guys before? They have books...a Podcast (I've subscribed lol)...Website...Ted Talks...FaceBook...Instagram...you name it! But watching this film/documentary was so inspiring. I… Continue reading Less Is Now