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Queen of Kitchen Gadgets

I do love a gadget, and my kitchen is full of them lol. I'm embarrassed to list them all, but here goes... A food mixerA food processorA blenderAn electric steamerA hand held electric whiskA waffle makerA slow cookerA Nutri BulletA soup makerA sandwich toasterA hand/stick blenderA Nespresso (inc milk frother)An electric carving knifeA coffee bean… Continue reading Queen of Kitchen Gadgets

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It’s All About The Ice Cream

Yesterday wasn't the first time i've spent Mothers Day without seeing my kids. Back in 2016 all 3 of them were in Venice for Mothers Day...that was bad planning. But this year, not only could I not see my kids or grand-children I also discovered i'm on the Governments Shielding List (because i'm taking an… Continue reading It’s All About The Ice Cream