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Adopting Routines Part 2

Sticking to the “Morning” routine has been quite easy, but developing an evening routine is proving far more difficult. One of the things I wanted to implement was a phone/laptop ban after 8pm. I’ve seen various articles online saying you should turn your phone off 1 hour before bed (like this one). And I totally agree…I need a wind down. But theres a problem with that…the later i’m online, the later I end up going to bed lol…will need to work on this!

So I take my Magnesium, go through my to do list for tomorrow, do my skincare routine AND brush my teeth. Because self care is definitely about teeth care.

I was in agony over Christmas with tooth ache…when I finally managed to get a dentist appointment the pain had calmed down and the dentist couldn’t find anything wrong with my teeth. She did however see that I have some bone loss in my jaw which cant be reversed *gulps* (and means that if it continues my teeth will just fall out…like that dream I’m sure we’ve all had). She also thinks the pain i’ve been experiencing is sensitivity and gum problems.

Her recommendation?

This…and flossing. I’ve got to be honest, i’ve been very neglectful of my teeth over the years…eating sweets, drinking Pepsi til it came out my ears and only going to the dentist when I was in pain ( I hate the dentists lol).

But, all thats got to change…if I don’t want to end up with dentures. So today I will be flossing and rinsing before bed…just might have to leave a post it note on the loo seat 😉

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