My Feathered Friends

I’ve always fed the birds (and the foxes) no matter where we’ve lived. But it used to be Starlings, Sparrows and the odd Collared Dove. But since we’ve lived here our regular garden visitors are (on top of the ones above) Robins, various Tits, Jays, Woodpeckers, a whole family of Magpies, Ravens (I’m sure they’re Ravens and not Crows…theyre huge!), Wood Pigeons (one I have affectionately called Eleanor) and a Sparrow Hawk (yeah, that one isn’t particularly welcome I have to say!).

But my favourite is a female Blackbird, who waits, every morning, to get first pickings on what I put out. In the winter it’s still dark when I say goodbye to the husband, but there she is, staring at me, her little beady eyes glinting when the security light we have out front comes on (I’m sure she has a watch!).

Today, they had Honey, Oat & Pumpkin Seed bread. I never feed white bread, and try not to give bread too often. They have cake, biscuits, seeds, nuts, oats, any left overs that i think will be suitable (they love a pie crust and Digestives!) and fat balls.

Feeding the birds every morning and watching them through the window puts a smile on my face and sets me up for the day 😊 Shame about the lawn though lol

Here in the UK the RSPB hold an event every year that I take part in called The Big Garden Bird Watch (theres the link to the pdf form you’ll need if you want to take part). Its a wonderful opportunity to just sit and watch the birds feeding (with a cup of tea of course).

A shame you cant put down on the list birds that you hear. We have Owls hooting in the woods, a stones throw from the house. My husband had never heard one in “real life” before and couldn’t figure out what the hell it was *sniggers* He’s such a townie 😉

Self care that involves caring for our animals has gotta be the best kind of self care there is. Go on, feed your birds tomorrow morning…I guarantee it will make you smile.

2 thoughts on “My Feathered Friends

  1. Being a 100% cat lover, I try not to feed the birds near our house, I really don’t want to find a little bird end up on my mat, because it had stopped to eat what I had put out, however, our neighbours have large amounts of food out for the birds, and from my desk I get the great pleasure of watching them, we have one Robin who returns every day without fail. It is a brilliant past time I agree 😀

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    1. I can understand that honey. I have Tigzz, but at 17, hes not interested in going out in the garden anymore, especially not in the winter. I feed my birds in the front garden now because have the Pugs (who go out the back) was putting them off coming into the garden x


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