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What Children Teach Us

Really hectic day today…a new carpet being fitted in my bedroom meant that the whole room needed to be cleared by lunchtime…then throw a 2.5 year old into the mix (our grandson) and you have a recipe for disaster…or so I thought.

But…he thoroughly enjoyed helping Grand-Dad dismantle the bed, had no problem being shut in the kitchen with the Pugs (and us, obviously) when the carpet fitter arrived (amusing himself with pretend cooking and helping give the Pugs their lunch). And then helping put furniture back (I use the term loosely lol) when the carpet fitter had gone.

By 7pm it had all been too much and he collapsed on the sofa whilst watching Shaun the Sheep and is now sound asleep upstairs under his Paw Patrol duvet lol

Theres a quote from Paulo Coelho

Today, our grandson made us smile and laugh through what could have been a pretty stressful experience and I got to do a puzzle! Kids see the fun in everything. How comes we loose that?

And breathe…..

5 thoughts on “What Children Teach Us

  1. Grandchildren are such a blessing, we seem to have more time for Grandchildren than we ever had for our own children. As a parent there is always something to do, but as a Grandparent, that can all wait until tomorrow. I love sitting on the floor with our 1 year old Grandson and learning something, I’d forgotten a long time ago. 😀

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