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Tuesday Best

I was brought up to save the best stuff for special occasions. Like your best outfit, or the best china…I have my best jewellery and my best perfume. As a kid we even had a best room (only used for visitors and Christmas! lol). Why do we do that? Surely we should enjoy our “best” things every day?

On our 25th wedding anniversary we treated ourselves to a week in Capri. While we were there my husband bought me a bottle of perfume.

I fell in love with this one, made by Carthusia, who have been producing perfume on the island since 1948 using recipes that date back to the 1380’s. As you can see from the bottle, I haven’t used it much, especially when you consider it was bought in 2011!!!! I’ve been saving it for special occasions…well not anymore.

Yesterday I gave myself a good spray. It brought back memories of sunny days and views to die for of the mediterranean sea from the cliff tops. Of white lace and pasta smothered in garlic. Visions of Audrey Hepburn in an open top taxi wearing Chanel sunglasses.

I’d love to go back…one day…but for now, I can be there whenever I want…I just need to have a spray 😉

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Best

  1. I was brought up to do the same and saved things for best – and even though it’s hard at times I try not to. With the case of clothes things can go out of fashion or not fit before you’ve had the chance to really enjoy them. Or with perfume it can even go off. So here’s to enjoying what we have because we’re worth it every day. x

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    1. Thanks Jan, you are so right! I’m glad to hear you try to enjoy your “best” stuff all the time. I’ve just realised, I have best handbags too lol…really must stop doing that 🤣 x


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