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Hot Chocolate

Going with the whole theme of a hug in a mug this week (in a feeble attempt to shift this bloody cold which still has me bunged up and unable to sleep at night), yesterday I made myself a cup of hot chocolate.

I’m not really a fan of hot chocolate…its not something you will ever see me order in a coffee shop. I always find it way too strong, and way too sickly. But…in a desperate attempt to warm myself up (I constantly feel cold) and treat myself to something nice, I decided to try the hot chocolate we received in a hamper at Christmas. And oh wow…it was gorgeous! If they served hot chocolate like this in Costa or Starbucks, i’d have it!

Needless to say, it didn’t really improve my cold, but it cheered me up when I was feeling particularly low, and I could actually taste it. Lets hope I still like it when my nose unblocks and my taste buds return to normal lol

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