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A Moment of Silence

I didn’t have my own photo to upload for this entry…so I Googled “quotes on silence” which was an interesting exercise. Lots of wonderful quotes about the benefits of silence…but it also brought up some examples of how silence can be damaging.

After having the Grand-children for a sleep over on Sunday, yesterday I managed to take some time to just sit, in silence, staring out of the window. It was nice…to just enjoy the peace after a hectic weekend…but…it was a reminder of what a love/hate relationship I have had with silence over the years. As a stay at home mum to 3 kids, when they were little I yearned for it. But once the final child left home (only 4 years ago) leaving just the husband and I, it became something I dreaded.

Over the years i’ve had bouts of loneliness, more so during the last few years. There was a period a couple of years back where the only other person I would see or talk to for days was my husband. So my writing groups weekly meetings were my lifeline, and kept me sane.

Taking that moment yesterday made me think about all the elderly people who live alone, who have been told to self isolate, for their own safety, during this virus outbreak. I know what its like, how crippling loneliness, and especially silence can be.

I’m glad that I can now actually enjoy brief moments of silence (rather than dreading it), but also appreciate that for others, its not something to be relished. My heart goes out to them.

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