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Spending Time At My Desk

We finished decorating the house a couple of months ago. The room (affectionately known as the back room) was going to be my study/library. But when we decided to move we made it into a bedroom to aid with the sale. So although my desk is in there, it’s not really felt like my study. I’ve continued to use the dining room table for my writing, mainly because i’m usually at home all day on my own, so theres no real need to go in there for “me” time.

But now we’re in lockdown. Now, the husband has been forced to “hibernate” our business and could be home for the next 12 weeks. Suddenly, using my desk seems much more appealing lol.

So last night I spent the whole evening in there…listening to Natalie Goldberg‘s workshop on memoir and writing some notes on story ideas. It was nice to have that time of solitude and escape from everything thats going on at the moment…outside…I almost forgot about it!

Virginia Woolf famously said “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” Well, the money is a bit of a problem at the moment, but i’m with her all the way about the room 😉

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