The Prince and I

I’ve been toying with meditation for years. I’ve even taken part in some guided sessions with Katherine Bolton, which were thoroughly enjoyable, but by the time i’d got home and back to real life, everything I learned went out the window! It just wasn’t sticking. I have no ability whatsoever to quieten my mind lol.

So why should i persevere? Well, apart from the fact that Prince Harry practices it, the NHS website says “There is now hard evidence that meditation can cut stress…” and they said that back in 2007. Ok, well i could do with less stress!

GQ Magazine published an article last month which made me feel better. It is aimed at men, but the author admitted how difficult he’s found meditation in the past, and how he struggled to “…shut thoughts out…” which is exactly what my problem is.

So I turned to Amazon (as you do) and found myself a book…a meditation-for-numpties type book.

This one had good reviews and looked to have a more relaxed attitude to the whole process. I’m only on day one at the moment, but, it’s looking pretty promising 😉

If you’d like to read the articles i mentioned, the NHS one can be found here, and the GQ one (which talks about Prince Harry) here.

4 thoughts on “The Prince and I

  1. I’ve never done meditation before, however, about a week ago, I started listening to guided meditation on Spotify before going to bed, it’s really good, but like you, quieten the mind is another story, look forward to hearing what you think about the book x

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