Goal Setting

Every year I do a list of New Years Resolutions, and every year, come March I cant even remember what they were. So this year, i’m being sneaky…this year i’m attempting to trick my brain and calling it…a goal. I was interested to know what the difference really is and after some research I found an article by Yoga teacher Melissa Brode. Although written 2 years ago, her advice is timeless and confirmed my belief that resolutions just don’t work.

There is an abundance of advice online regarding how many goals you should set for yourself and i normally have at least half a dozen (resolutions). So this year, i have one goal. But its a biggy, because it encompasses everything regarding my physical and mental health and wellbeing. This year my goal is…

Complete My Self Care Challenge

I will set myself small goals every week regarding the changes I need to make and review where I am, how i’m feeling monthly. That will help me with planning and monitoring. I’m sure there will be things that don’t work for me, so if i falter…if i don’t achieve a goal, I wont beat myself up (as i have done in the past). I will learn from it and move on.

Oooo…I feel quite liberated already lol.

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