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Adopting Routines Part 1

I’ve never really been big on routines, apart from those dictated to me by kids and a job. But…just recently, having had to give up “work” (due to the Arthritis) and being at home all day, i’ve longed for structure, something other than feeding the Pugs and taking them for walks/garden tiddle breaks.

So I decided I need more routine. And now i’m of..ahem…a certain age, I need to look after my skin. So i’ve been implementing a “Morning Routine” and its working really well.

I get up (usually by being jumped on by said Pugs) and we all trot off downstairs. The next hour is a blur of feeding, garden duties, walks, making packed lunch and ablutions, culminating in being dressed by 7am. But I do try to sit down to drink my tea, have a quiet moment. Once the husband has gone off to work, my morning routine can begin.

At the moment I have it written down in my Inspire Now Journal (I only started this year so its not second nature just yet!). It consists of a glass of water, an affirmation, checking my to do lists, journalling (whilst drinking a latte) and a skin care routine.

I haven’t cleansed, toned and moisturised for years, and i’m already feeling the benefits. What can I say…Neals Yard had a sale on lol, and i’ve always loved their products.

I want to add meditation and exercise to my morning routine at some stage, but at the moment i’m just fitting those in when I can.

Theres a great article on the Blurt website, regarding the benefits of routines and how it can aid your mental health…I am now a convert 😉

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