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Learn Something New

There are 72,000 man hole covers in New York. I learnt that yesterday from a documentary πŸ˜‚

I love learning new stuff, always have. I’m curious and inquisitive and always looking for the story behind things. So i’d rather spend all day watching documentaries than films and TV shows. My husband likes to watch fictional crime shows (and films), but i’ll be watching the documentary about what made the killer flip in the first place! Oh, and I Google everything lol.

I’m currently studying for a BA in Creative Writing, and just recently i’ve been struggling. Stress over house renovations, my health and other issues have left me feeling completely blocked creatively and I had to postpone my assignment deadline.

Then a couple of days ago, one of my Facebook friends (she’ll know who she is if she’s reading this) mentioned she’d signed up for some Udemy online courses. So I went to have a look and found a short course on overcoming writers block. I signed up, and ok, it cost me a tenna…but i’d pay that for a writing guide. After completing the first exercise of the course, I sat down this morning and wrote the first 1200 words of a 3500 word short story that I need to submit by the end of January for part of my assignment. Wow! It was the kick I needed, and I am really enjoying the course, especially learning some tips and tricks for beating the paralysis i’ve felt over the last few weeks.

I came across this brilliant quote today which really resonated with me…

So if thats true…why wouldn’t you want to? πŸ˜‰

I’ve done quite a few online courses so here are the sites that I, or people I know have used and enjoyed. Of course…you could always go back to school, college or university, or check out your local evening classes.

Future Learn; The Great Courses Plus; Coursera and Masterclass. Some are free, others not…I guess it depends on your budget. There are also some courses on Audible that i’ve listened to.

So what will you be learning today?

2 thoughts on “Learn Something New

  1. Well, that just made me want to know how many manhole covers we had in England! And Google tells me, they can’t say as there is no record kept 🀦 damn πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I admire you and your thirst for knowledge and self improvement, good luck with your degree and I hope you enjoy doing it xxx

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