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Journal Therapy

I am a journal junkie… I’ve been writing in a notebook almost daily since 2005 when I discovered The Artists Way by Julia Cameron (which I can highly recommend btw, along with all of Ms Cameron’s books). One of the main tools from the Artists way is a concept known as “Morning Pages”. Three pages of stream of consciousness writing written first thing in the morning. I tried to stick to that, but it was hard when I had 3 kids who needed to get to school every morning, so my morning pages often turned into afternoon or evening pages lol.

Now, i’m not so fixated on Morning Pages, I just journal, as and when I want to (although I have to confess, mornings is still my favourite time lol). There are huge benefits to keeping a regular journal writing practice. Its a form of therapy. And if you don’t know what to write about there are thousands of websites that give you journal prompts with a bit of Googling. This one gives you 365…one for every single day of the year.

It’s been a busy weekend…a wedding and looking after grand-children, so I haven’t had chance to even open my notebook. Once I hit the publish key, as the husband is watching football, I will be putting my headphones on (currently listening to Michel Legrand’s Wuthering Heights album – love that music!), making myself a cup of tea, and opening this current journal.

I will definitely have a lot to write about 😉

2 thoughts on “Journal Therapy

  1. Wow, I’ve been writing, since I was about 9, but in those days it was keeping a diary lol it faded in and out while the kids were growing up, but last year, I refocused myself and now, write a letter as often as possible to my Grandson, but I like the idea of doing it each morning, so may give that a go 😁 Good writing xxx

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    1. Oh yes, I had a diary when i was a kid…wish i’d kept one as a teenager, would be great to look back on 😉 Thats a lovely idea honey, I keep saying i’m going to write down my life story, for the kids and grandchildren x


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