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Love Lists

I do love a list…especially a love list lol. Ok, let me explain…

I think I first encountered making a list of “things you love” from The Artists Way, but I cant be 100% sure. But what I am 100% sure of is how good it makes you feel, writing down all those things that you love, make you smile, make you happy.

So today, I sat down and wrote my “50 Things That I Love” list. I made myself a latte, put on some music and let my mind wander. It took me about an hour (possibly longer) but was well worth the effort. The plan now, is to try to tick some off, try to incorporate more of what I really love into my life (the stuff I can control anyway).

If you don’t believe me on how great list making is, check out this BBC article…I think they’re right, lists really can be life changing 😉

And if you want to see my list you can find it here…

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