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Today has been all about smells lol.

I’ve always had an interest in Aromatherapy. At one stage, a few years ago, I even considered training as an Aromatherapist and working from home (the house we lived in at the time had a detached garage which would have been easy to convert into a therapy room). But life over took me and it never actually happened.

Just recently I’ve taken to wearing an aromatherapy pendant which I currently fill with peppermint essential oil (I find it perks me up if i’m feeling a bit tired or lethargic).

I think my favourite is Patchouli, closely followed by Frankincense (both known to bring inner calm)…but then what about Lavender? It has such a comforting smell and reminds me of my childhood…And its also a great aid to sleep!

I think I need to buy a book, and some more oils to add to my collection 😉

2 thoughts on “Aromas

    1. I think people think i’m a nutter though, keep smelling my necklace in public 😂 I have a couple of lavender pillow sprays, but i dont think you can beat the real thing, the essential oils 😉 x


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