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DIY Crystal Healing

Last week a lovely friend of mine gave me a little bag of Crystals…

Such a wonderful and thoughtful gift (thank you so much honey!)…which reminded me that I have a collection of crystals in storage (I have loads of stuff in storage…long story lol) that I haven’t seen for about 5 years!

Whilst clearing the spare bedroom yesterday (for a carpet fitting) I stumbled across one of my books on crystals and then I realised (whilst reading the said book last night)…why am I not using crystals to help me cope with the day to day pain of my Psoriatic Arthritis? So I did some research online to discover there is way too much conflicting advice on what crystals are best for pain relief (I did however discover this site, which I found interesting).

This morning I turned to my friend and asked her advice on which stones would be beneficial then ended up treating myself to some crystals, some Ginger essential oil, Cinnamon tea and Ginger tea…whoops! lol

Everything is arriving tomorrow (gotta love Amazon Prime!) so I’m hoping to be pain free by the weekend! I have faith…its pretty much all I do have right now 😉 I will report back…

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