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Soup for The Soul

I remember the first time I saw a copy of the book Chicken Soup for the Soul…I thought it was a cookery book lol. Twenty odd years later there are dozens of Chicken Soup books, but i’ve only read the first one.

According to Google, the phrase itself refers to the use of Chicken Soup as a cure-all…like a hug in a mug. As I still cant breath out of my nose, and have been getting little sleep due to the coughing, yesterday I decided to make some soup. Ok, i didn’t have any chicken, but, I did have some Butternut Squash lol.

My husband dug out my soup maker (that I haven’t used for a couple of years lol) and I just threw in the squash, some shallots, garlic and a veg stock cube.

When it was done 25 minutes later I stirred through some double cream 😊

I’d love to say my soup was amazing…but…as I cant taste anything, i’m just going to presume it was lol. It felt special to sit down and enjoy something home made, in my favourite soup mug.

Did it help the cold? No, not really lol…perhaps you do need the chicken after all 😉

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