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Pug Mum Life

It’s tough being a Pug…all that eating, snoozing, playing, trying to find the sunny spot on the dining room floor, walks (with fur lined rain coats) and then snuggling up in bed with your favourite humans at the end of a long hard day 😉

There are huge benefits to owning a dog (just Google it!) but, I was really interested to read about the health benefits in this Purina article. Dog owners visit the doctors less often? Wow…if thats the case I hate to imagine how often i’d be at my doctors without owning dogs 🤣

But seriously, my lot make me laugh every single day. Albie is so laid back, gentle and chilled (is that lazy by chance?), nothing bothers him. He’s taken the addition of 2 sisters in his stride. Ruby is a little princess, has to be carried over a puddle, but she’s definitely the “mum”…taking care of her brother and sister. I’m so proud of her on how she’s coped losing an eye at 18months old. And then theres Thelma….ha ha ha…she’s not a Pug, she’s a demon lol. All my neighbours know I have a dog called Thelma lol. She had a rough start, lived outside in a back yard for the first year of her life ☹️ She’s been with us just over a year now and is so loving…naughty…but everything is exciting and a game to her…life is a glorious adventure, and who can blame her, after the start she had.

Adopting a rescue Pug has been one of the most rewarding things i’ve ever done. Just watching her snuggled up on the bed next to her “daddy” (she has to have a cuddle every night before she settles down) makes me smile, and what better way to end the day 😊

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