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My “Everyday” Notebook

I have notebooks for specific things…a daily journal, a writing notebook (for story ideas, writing tips and advice i’ve picked up – like a commonplace book)), a fiction writing notebook, a writing diary/journal (where I whinge and moan about my writing projects) and a daily planner. But I also carry a small, rather tatty notebook in my bag for anything that needs writing down when i’m out and about…which, until recently, didn’t get much use…until I discovered the “everyday notebook” concept by Shaunta Grimes.

OMFG! How did I not realise this? How have I managed to go the last 10 years of my life without an everyday notebook? Let me explain…I’m getting old lol. My memory isn’t exactly as good as it was, say, 15 years ago…even 10 years ago. In an average day I encounter dozens of ideas…facts…snippets of information that within 24 hours i’ve completely forgotten 🤣 So the idea of keeping a notebook, open, on my dining room table (with a pen at the ready) every single day has been, not only inspiring (from a fiction writing point of view), but the act of writing things down means i’m retaining more information. Not entirely sure how that works, but it seems to!

Yesterday as I was a chess widow, I sat down with a coffee and read through what i’d noted down this week:

  • The White Rose (anti Nazi group in WWII)
  • How Air BnB’s are conquering loneliness
  • The Roanoke Island Colony Disappearance
  • The story behind Miserere Mei Deus (a piece of classical music)
  • Elijah Bond – The guy who invented Ouija Boards
  • Clifford Irving’s Howard Hughes hoax
  • The Petticoat Government
  • Savant Syndrome
  • Major Taylor, the first African-American sports champion
  • A recipe for baked Rigatoni lol

My tatty little handbag book, that i’ve been carrying around since March 2018 (I know that because the first entry is dated) has never seen so much action lol. I love learning new stuff, and now, i’m enjoying it even more, because I can actually remember it 😉

3 thoughts on “My “Everyday” Notebook

  1. I love notebooks, I’ve loads scattered around the house, I find one I like start using it and then find a better one and then use that 🤦 I’ve two business that I help out with or run and and try and pile everything into one, never a good idea lol, but having read your link I can now see what I need to do! Thank you xxx

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