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Changing The World

I was brought up with a volunteering background. My Grand-Dad was running a community centre into his 80’s with no wage and had been doing similar work since WWII.

So when my children went to secondary school I took on my first volunteering role and trained as a Samaritan. Since then i’ve been a committee member for a local volunteer burea, “worked” in charity shops and warehouses for Demelza House Childrens Hospice, The Dogs Trust and Cats Protection.

I was sad when I realised my Psoriatic Arthritis meant I had to give up my volunteer roles, and it was at that stage (knowing I would be home all day) that we decided to adopt a rescue Pug…and thats when I became involved with Muffin Pug Rescue.

Yesterday, we did our 5th home check…so i’ve kind of fallen back into volunteering lol. I was apprehensive at first. Its a huge responsibility, going into a home and reporting back on whether this family should be entrusted with the care of a Pug who has found itself in rescue. But its also incredibly rewarding and gives me a sense of satisfaction, knowing there is now a Pug in a wonderful new home who will be loved and well cared for.

I cant change the world on my own, but, if we all just did a little bit for others, together…perhaps we could. Sometimes, self care is about doing things to benefit other people/animals, and enjoying the feeling that gives you 😊

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