Doctor Doctor

So far my self care journey seems to have been weighted heavily towards my mental health more than my physical health. Thats probably because I know I cant actually change the physical problems I have. You cant cure Psoriatic Arthritis, and doing small things that make me feel better mentally, helps me deal with the constant daily physical pain, exhaustion and frustration that comes with my condition.

So yesterday I had a blood test. I hate blood tests. didn’t want to have it done…don’t see why I had to have yet another one when they already know whats going on. But accepted my fate, because I need to discuss with my Doctor taking the next step with pain control.

Next week I go back to discuss pain meds. I’ve finally admitted defeat and need to go onto the hard drugs (with the nasty side effects) if I want to improve my quality of life. I’m not happy about it, in fact I’m terrified, and angry…pain free but with lots of other problems is not something i’m looking forwards to 😩

Sometimes, self care means doing things we really don’t want to.

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