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The Adventures We’ll Have

Yesterday afternoon we sat down (me and the husband that is) and booked all the sites we want to go to from March until October in the Motorhome. We haven’t been away since October last year. Not because we didn’t want to, but having 3 dogs, all wet and muddy in a space thats 23 foot by 7 foot isn’t something we were really excited about lol.

This will be our 3rd year of Motorhoming, and the first 2 years we continued to travel throughout the winter…we learnt a lesson 🤣 So from now on, Motorhoming will be from March to October (a lot of the sites close from November to March anyway). Every other weekend (unless its someones Birthday) and 2 full separate weeks in the summer. I’m really looking forward to it, i’ve missed it, a lot.

Every time we go to a new site I write a quick review in my Motorhome Journal, so that it jogs our memory and we know whether we want to go back to that site again. So far we have a firm list of favourites emerging, one site in particular we’ve spent a week at every year since we started because its so nice.

I would love to do the NC500 at some stage (its on my bucket list), but, I might have to wait until the husband retires to do that, as it takes a good couple of weeks if you really want to appreciate it.

Roll on our first weekend away…I cant wait 😀

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