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End of Month Review – February

When I started this whole self care challenge I didn’t realise it was going to be so hard lol…but it is, it really is. I still struggle putting myself at the top of the list.

And talking of lists, heres the successes (and fails) from the last month:

  • Daily hydration: This has been going quite well, but, I did start restricting myself to no water after 9pm…and as my bathroom is downstairs, this was becoming a problem lol
  • Yoga: Ha ha ha…enough said 🤣
  • Crystal Healing: I’ve been carrying around a quartz crystal in my pocket and using it when i’m in pain. It seems to work on one hand, but not on the other…weird!
  • Daily Poetry: I have missed a couple of days here and there, but i’m up to date
  • Using “Best” things: One of my “best” teacups is now in daily use, along with perfume and jewellery
  • Decluttering: Some boxes have gone into storage and some black bags to the charity shop, go me!
  • Bucket List: I’ve booked tickets for an opera (my birthday treat) and have signed up for a poetry writing course on Udemy
  • FaceBook: I’m missing it, but, at the same time filling my time with other good stuff
  • Everyday Notebook: This has been amazing! I write at least one thing in it everyday and i’ve found it really inspiring.

The routines and things I tried last month are still in place…still ticking along nicely, apart from the meditation. I just can’t seem to get to grips with it. The minute I sit down to do it the dogs bark…the phone goes…the cat starts yelling lol. I’m hoping that once we move and I get my designated writing room (preferably upstairs), i’ll be able to shut the door and shut out all the noise…yeah…we’ll see.

Yesterdays self care was spending the afternoon reading while the husband was at a chess match 😉

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