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Happy Vs Sad

On Monday I admitted defeat and accepted that I need stronger meds, then yesterday I spent a couple of hours at a car dealers looking at cars. So far this week has been pretty emotional…let me explain…

I’ve had my car for 6 years. I love my car…its nippy, its small…ish…its comfortable…its a convertible…a bit sporty (so low down) and really suits me. But…the past year or so it has been getting increasingly difficult to get in and out lol. Because my arthritis effects my feet/ankles and knee’s. I have to bend right down as I slide in. Getting out is worse, and I often have to compose myself for a few seconds before putting that leg out, because I know that putting pressure on my knee as I stand is really gunna hurt. What a state to be in eh?

I did find a car that I liked…that I can get in and out of without any struggle. I like it, I really do…but…me and my little convertible, we’ve bonded over 40,000 miles. They’ve given me a good part exchange on it, but, chances are it’ll be scrapped. Its a mess. Fixing the damage to the body work (I scraped it along a fence post 4 years ago and never got around to getting it fixed) might cost more than the car is worth.

So today I pick up my new (to me) car and hand over my current one. I’m happy (no more pain and struggling), but sad (i’m emotionally attached to my little car). I just have to accept that sometimes, what is good for me isn’t always what I want to do. I’m looking on this as a positive thing…it is right? A new car…how exciting! And I appreciate how lucky I am to be able to change my car. But I just cant help that twinge of sadness that is creeping in lol

I’m sure that me and the new car will have lots of fun and adventures together, and that one day in the future i’ll be saying these exact same words about this new car lol. Isn’t it funny how we get attached to things? So onwards and upwards, a new period in my life, and hey, lets look on the bright side…the new car has a bigger boot, so I can fit way more shopping in there 🤣

5 thoughts on “Happy Vs Sad

  1. My family get very attached to our cars, lol they Almost become part of the family 🤦 but your right, but saying goodbye to one is painful. Hold on to your happy memories of times spent together, but think of all those new happy times you’ll have with your new car. Happy Driving xxx

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    1. Thanks honey, i’ve had quite a few cars over the years, but there are only 3 that I REALLY didn’t want to get rid of *sighs* lol…I WILL get over…not being in pain when I get in and out is helping 😉 X


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