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A Year Of Mindfulness

For Valentines day this year, my husband bought me this…

Yesterday, I sat down with a cup of Ginger tea and had a look through some of the daily challenges. Theres some good ideas in this jar. Each little card is for a whole weeks worth of challenges. I’m not sure that i’ll be able to keep up with it every week, but some of them will be simple to impliment.

Like “The Week of Red Lights” which is all about using those enforced pauses to be in the moment, enjoying being present rather than getting annoyed at the mini breaks we don’t have control over.

I like this idea, i’m usually pretty good sitting in traffic, I dont tend to get irritated unless i’m in a rush to get somewhere. But I will give this a try…making sure I don’t zone out too deeply, or i’ll have someone behind me honking their horn when I don’t notice the lights turned green 🤣

5 thoughts on “A Year Of Mindfulness

  1. How thoughtful of your husband. I’ve bought this exact gift for 2 friends but because it was sealed, I wasn’t able to see what it looked like inside. The jar and cards look really lovely. I might need to give a few hints to my family when my birthday is coming up, ha ha x

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  2. I was thinking of getting this for myself & a relative but wondering if it’s too basic, would you be able to share some of the exercises you enjoyed that are out of the ordinary basics,if there are any (mindfully watching nature,mindful eating/beverage…) Did you manage to work through them all? At the cost of £10-20 I’m wondering if it’s best to get a mindfulness exercises book instead…
    Thanks 🙂

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    1. Hi and thanks for your comment. I’m really sorry, but the jar is now in storage pending a house move…but…from what I can remember the exercises were quite basic, but also interesting…enough to keep me happy, but then I am/was a mindfulness beginner. Sorry I can’t be of more help x


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