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Creative Juices

Last May I started a BA in Creative Writing. Everything was going great until November, when, suddenly, and I don’t know why…I hit a wall. The creative juices were just not flowing. I ended up asking for an extension for my assignment. I think it was a combination of burn out (from all the studying) and my Psoriatic Arthritis flaring up (due to stress) which meant that I got to the stage where I couldn’t string 2 words together, let alone write a 3500 word short story.

I didn’t meet the new deadline and another one was made…the 15th March.

Yesterday, I took myself to a coffee shop and started editing the short story. I’d already given it to some trusted friends, and so far the feedback has been very helpful. It reads better now…I think.

I’m finding it really hard to focus…to knuckle down and just write, but I still have a 1500 word reflective commentary to do *slumps* I’m undecided whether i’ll continue onto year 2 of the course…if i’m brutally honest with myself I don’t feel that in my current frame of mind I am even capable.

Self care yesterday was rewarding myself with a slice of Costa’s Carrot & Walnut cake, for at least doing the edits i’d planned and to cheer myself up lol

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