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Making Time

When i’m busy (which seems to be all the time at the moment lol) I find it hard to fit into my day everything I want/need to do. One of the things that ends up taking a backseat is reading.

Yesterday morning I listened to a Podcast, where KM Weiland was being interviewed about her writing process. One thing she said that really hit home was that she makes sure that she reads for an hour everyday…she schedules that time into her daily plan.

As a writer, I know the benefits of reading, but doing it for half an hour at 11pm every night when i’m in bed and knackered, probably isn’t the best idea. I need to make time for reading. It needs to move up the list of priorities.

So yesterday afternoon, I sat down on the sofa with a latte and my writing groups current book choice…

I ignored the full sink of dirty dishes and the pile of dirty laundry i’d placed on the kitchen floor ready to go into the washing machine…and just…read 😊

Ok, I didn’t quite manage an hour…but…its a start!

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