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Writing With A View

I’m loving the lighter evenings we have now. It means that when I do get the opportunity to get out and do some writing, I can sit by a window and enjoy the view.

Yesterday afternoon I sat in the Zest Bar of The Tudor Park Hotel, a mile from my house, for a writing session.

I prefer to sit by a window when I write. I love the natural light, watching the birds (and any people that go by). I find it both inspiring and relaxing.

I didn’t get that much writing done (just a couple of paragraphs), i’ve been struggling recently, probably being too stressed about getting my assignment done. But yesterday, I hit the send key on my assignment, so its gone off to my tutor (thank goodness!). So i’m hoping that now, I can relax…now, I can get back to writing for pleasure. I’m not going to worry about the report my tutor will send back. Whats done is done, and the fact that i’ve sent it off is a huge relief 😊

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