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It’s All About The Ice Cream

Yesterday wasn’t the first time i’ve spent Mothers Day without seeing my kids. Back in 2016 all 3 of them were in Venice for Mothers Day…that was bad planning. But this year, not only could I not see my kids or grand-children I also discovered i’m on the Governments Shielding List (because i’m taking an immunosuppression medication) lol…I have to laugh or i’ll cry!

I’m trying not to comfort eat, but, yesterday morning I had a craving for ice cream with grated chocolate. Its a dessert I remember from my childhood…vanilla ice cream, grated whole nut chocolate mixed in…yummy. So the husband queued for an hour in Tesco to get me some (bless him).

It definitely hit the spot, but I would rather have had the kids and grand-children round *sighs*

Today I have a telephone appointment with my GP to discuss my meds. I’m going to stop taking them. I dont want to be on that list, I don’t want to have to go to the hospital every couple of weeks for chest x-rays and blood tests. The NHS is at breaking point as it is! So i’m hoping to just get some more strong pain killers and try to cope with that until this thing is over.

In the meantime, you’ll find me on the sofa eating chocolate and ice cream…

2 thoughts on “It’s All About The Ice Cream

  1. Oh Vikki, sorry to hear that you are on the list. Thank goodness for Skype though, so you can catch up with your children and grandchildren that way. Good choice of ice cream by the way, I have a tub of that in my freezer 😀. Take care 😘xxx

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