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Happy Mothers Day

Today in the UK is Mothers Day and up and down the country Mums will be spending the day, like me, not able to see their children and grand-children (in person) due to this bloody virus ☹️ I might have to resort to ice cream to cheer myself up (if the husband can actually get any in the supermarket!).

I didn’t leave the house yesterday, not even for a dog walk, as the new meds the doctor has given me are doing absolutely nothing. It was probably one of the worst pain days i’ve had with this flare up. Cant get a doctors appointment, but i’m booked in for a phone consultation tomorrow to see where we go next.

Whilst the husband made a start on the jobs that need doing round the house, I sat down with a cup of tea to watch my weekly webinar. As part of the Dream Author programme Sophie Hannah does a webinar once a week where she answers members questions. Its brilliant, and this week she answered one of mine lol.

I love taking part in them live as I get to chat to other members, whilst the webinar is taking place. Isn’t modern technology brilliant, bringing people together “virtually”, from all over the world. It was a nice break from whats going on in “real life” at the moment  😊

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