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Binge Watching

It seems like every time I go online or watch TV someone is talking about Netflix or Amazon Prime, catch up or boxed sets. What we should be bingeing on at the moment. Its crazy how life has changed in the last few years. I wont harp on about remembering the days when we had 3 channels and that was it lol 😉

But i’m glad we have got access to these things now, as it means you can aways find something to watch. Escapism (much needed right now) to the max!

Yesterday the husband and I binge watched This Country, a documentary style sit com set in the Cotswolds. Jeremy Vine goes on about it all the time, so we decided to give it a go. Its probably not to everyones taste (very British), but its making us chuckle…which is really needed at the moment.

The problem is there are only 3 seasons and we’re half way through season 2 😮 What will we watch next? lol

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