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E-mail Overwhelm

I heard an interview recently by productivity guru Tim Ferriss where he spoke about being overwhelmed about the amount of e mails he gets everyday. If you read the article above you’ll see that there are a few people who don’t agree with him…but…it got me thinking about the amount of e mails I had, and was receiving on a daily basis.

So i’ve spent the last couple of weeks unsubscribing from newsletters I don’t read anymore, and deleting stuff that I really just don’t need or want. Yesterday, I finished, and have managed to get all my e mails down to 1635! That includes sent items, and stuff I want to keep. My inbox currently stands at 7 messages and my spam folder at 0!

It feels so good I can tell you…this time last month I had 50,000 emails sitting in various folders…stuff going back to 2015! From now on I will make sure it never gets out of hand like that again 😊

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