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Childhood Memories

My Nan would make Bread Pudding almost weekly. If there was a lot of stale bread that week, we’d get one. I thought it was something invented during the war (WWII), but it turns out its been around since the 11th Century and was called “Poor Mans Pudding” lol.

Anyway, today, I made one. I’ve only ever made it a couple of times since my Nan died. But I’ve had it often from bakery’s and Tesco. And lets be honest, I wouldn’t have made it today if it wasn’t for the whole Panettone sitting on my kitchen side.

I’ve tried to like Panettone, I really have…but it’s just so boring (apologies to all the Italians out there). Its basically Brioche with fruit in. So I wondered if it would make a good Bread Pudding. I followed a recipe on the BBC Good Food site. My Nan would always use suet, but this recipe used butter instead. The result:

I only added 400g of fruit because the Panettone already had fruit in it. And the verdict? Well, the husband said it was the best Bread Pudding he’d ever had (but he doesn’t remember my Nan’s). I have to admit though, it was pretty good.

Really enjoyed baking and reminiscing today…I must do it more often 😊

4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories

  1. Well done. I wish I’d read this 3 days ago when you posted it. It might have stopped me throwing out half a loaf of stale bread for the birds 😀. I’ve never tried making bread pudding before – I’ll have to give it a go next time x

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