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Not Quite Marilyn…

My daughter bought me some Lush stuff for Christmas, so yesterday I used the bath bomb to have a soak. Since I’ve been taking the CBD oil (which I can HIGHLY recommend by the way) I’ve found that on a good day, I can actually get in and out of the bath unassisted. It’s a struggle, but I can do it.

So it wasn’t quite champagne (as its rumoured Marilyn Monroe bathed in) but such a treat for me. It smelt gorgeous, but didn’t look so great lol

I can only describe it as muddy purple lol…wasn’t expecting that from a Christmas themed bath bomb!

Tuesdays have always been “treat yourself to a bath day” as it’s also the day that I meet up with my writing group. We’ve not been able to meet in person since last March, but have stuck to our weekly sessions via Zoom. It’s so nice to see everyone and talk about stuff other than the Pandemic lol.

I know my days of having a bath are nearly over. It’s another example of appreciating the little things in life, stuff that even 5 years ago I took for granted. Don’t think i’ll ever be able to fill my bath with 350 bottles of Champagne like Marilyn, but, a treat is a treat on any level.

And anyway, it must have been a bit nippy? 😉

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