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Back to School

A couple of days ago I read a blog post by the lovely Sandra Madeira, where she mentioned a Podcast by Dr Rangan Chattergee, who is a GP and author. Now, I do love a podcast, so I eagerly scanned the episodes, hoping to find something relevant to me. And what do you know…Episode 11 is an interview with sleep guru Dr Guy Meadows. Dr Meadows is a co-founder of The Sleep School, “…a team dedicated to helping the world sleep better…” I’m quoting from their web site there lol.

So it turns out they have an App (another thing I love lol). So I downloaded it and filled in the questionnaire…

So far, so good…but then…right at the end where it recommended the “courses” I should take, came the kicker. You need to subscribe…Ok, I know its only £29.99 annually, and I appreciate their expertise should be paid for…but, I’m not sure I can justify that at the moment. I mean, if it works, it could be the best 30 quid I’ve ever spent…but if it doesn’t, I’ll be annoyed with myself.

For now, I’ll just read their free articles, but will definitely be looking into more sleep related podcasts and if I find any real gems I’ll post them.

I will definitely be checking out other episodes of the Feel Better, Live More podcast (thanks Sandra!), but for now, I’m going for a nap…😴

2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Thanks for linking to my post Vikki. I love a podcast too and Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s ones are particularly good – he is a doctor after all 😀. Glad you found a good one and good luck with the sleep tips. Hope you find something that helps you. Have a lovely day x

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