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I still can’t shift my eye infection ☹️ I think it’s probably my mucked up immune system, I don’t fight infections well and often have to use antibiotic cream on small cuts as they become infected. I’m not sure whether that’s down to my anaemia or the PA.

I’ve been using tissue to dab my eye over the last few days. I always do that when I get an eye infection…but this time it’s been so sore and red…It’s really been getting me down. Then yesterday I grabbed a tissue from my bag instead and the penny dropped. I’ve been using toilet roll to dab my eye. But, to save pennies I’ve been buying the cheaper brands, rather than the luxury quilted stuff. Using a soft tissue on my eye felt so much better. So I dashed up to the supermarket (yes Boris, this was an essential trip!) and bought these…

Oh the relief lol. It hadn’t occurred to me at all that dabbing my eye with…ahem…cheap loo roll was making it more painful. A bit like when you have a runny nose and your nostrils get sore from all the dabbing and blowing.

Softer tissue combined with smothering my eye in Petroleum Jelly (an idea I discovered years ago…put it on your lid and underneath and it keeps everything soft and not crusty) means I’m a lot more comfortable.

All I need now is for the drops to actually kick in lol. I have a nasty feeling I will be back on to my GP on Friday *sighs* Once this is over I promise that I will invest in some eye care stuff to help with my dry eyes (another symptom of PA) because I really don’t want to go through this again!

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