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A Break From Reality

Yesterday the postman delivered our Caravan & Motorhome Club Directory for the coming year, 2021. Some people peruse holiday brochures showing beaches and sun soaked people laying on loungers drinking cocktails. Not me…I’m looking at caravan sites to see whether they have toilet facilities lol.

I miss going away in our motorhome. Back in November we sent him (I always think of it as a him lol) off to a storage place, in preparation for the move. At 23 foot long we knew it would be hard to find somewhere to live that had a driveway big enough to accommodate him, my husband’s work van and my car, so when we got the call to say they had a place (we’d been on a waiting list for 2 years) we jumped at it.

And here we are in January and we still haven’t sold the house (after 13 viewings!). Due to all the lockdowns we’ve not even been able to check on him, to make sure everything is ok. He probably has a flat battery by now and I’m just praying that damp hasn’t set in. Being on the driveway, we were able to check all that on a daily basis.

Luckily we were able to get away a couple of times last summer. It’s very easy to socially distance when you have your own van and the sites are all Covid secure. Whether we’ll be able to get away this year is anyone’s guess. Hopefully, the vaccine will mean that we can, even if we still have to be aware of the risks.

It was lovely looking through the brochure…dreaming of all the places we can go next…I almost started planning…a break from reality for a time, and then I remembered…we may have to say goodbye to him, depending on our financial situation over the coming months. I know its a luxury, but one my husband has worked hard for over the last 36 years.

So I’m staying positive and clinging on to the hope that there will be more good times ahead. Who knows, I may even be able to persuade my husband to live in the motorhome full time. Who needs a house? 😂

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