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Queen of Kitchen Gadgets

I do love a gadget, and my kitchen is full of them lol. I’m embarrassed to list them all, but here goes…

  • A food mixer
  • A food processor
  • A blender
  • An electric steamer
  • A hand held electric whisk
  • A waffle maker
  • A slow cooker
  • A Nutri Bullet
  • A soup maker
  • A sandwich toaster
  • A hand/stick blender
  • A Nespresso (inc milk frother)
  • An electric carving knife
  • A coffee bean grinder
  • A deep fat fryer (what can I say…oven chips are rubbish!)
  • An ice cream maker (in storage)
  • A dehydrator (in storage)

Then there’s the usual toaster, kettle and microwave. Oooo, it’s much worse than I thought. No wonder I have no cupboard space lol. I did have an electric pressure cooker, but I gave that away when I realised I’d used it twice in a year *blushes* Some of these will just have to go when we downsize…hard decisions will need to be made ☹️

But…there is one gadget (not listed above) that I absolutely adore…my breadmaker. The one I have (the updated current model) came out top in this BBC Good Food website article (although I didn’t pay that much for it when I bought it 5 years ago!).

Yesterday I made a stew (in the slow cooker) and what have you got to have with a stew? BREAD…

A freshly cooked loaf smells incredible and tastes amazing. None of these additives you find in a pre-packaged loaf. Just flour, yeast, sugar & salt, plus anything else you want to add. One of our favourites is cheese and bacon (YUM!).

Eating warm fresh bread smothered in butter, to me, is one of life’s little pleasures. The bread maker is going nowhere 😉

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