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I’m signed up to receive e-mails from the BBC website, giving me links to articles I might find of interest. Yesterday one of their links sent me to a video entitled “How Manifesting Became the New Big Wellness Trend”

I did the whole ask the universe and Law of Attraction thing a few years ago (I think it was when The Secret came out). It didn’t work for me then (was I doing it wrong?). But I’m willing to give it another try, especially at this moment in time, when everything seems to be crashing around us.

There is a wealth of information on line on how to do this, to the point where it’s all a bit overwhelming and confusing. There are web sites, books, podcasts and YouTube videos. Over the years I’ve had quite a few books on the subject myself, and I’m sure I still have a couple in storage. There are a lot of people out there making big bucks from this (just tap in “ask the universe” or “law of attraction” on Amazon!) I guess all those writers manifested their dreams didn’t they lol.

So for now, I’ll start small, by writing a letter to the universe in my journal. It can’t hurt can it? 😉

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