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The M Word…

I had an awful day yesterday. I felt (and still feel) utterly exhausted. I had a pounding headache all day and havent eaten anything since yesterday lunchtime as I felt sick. I feel like I have a hangover, with none of the fun part (ie consuming the alcohol in the first place). The only self care I could manage was a nap, which just made me feel worse.

The thing is…not only do I have the Psoriatic Arthritis to contend with, but I’m also of a certain age *coughs* 😝

When you’re at school, they give you all the talks about sex and periods…but no one ever mentions the Menopause. I was a teenager in the 80’s, but even now you don’t hear it mentioned. I don’t get that. It’s such an important issue that women need to be aware of. Did you know there are 34 main symptoms of the Menopause? And it turns out I have 20 of them. And did you also know (and I got this from the NHS website) that those symptoms can last for 12 years! WTF? 12 years…are you serious?

I feel like an absolute wreck. I feel so low and tired sometimes that I just sit and cry. And nowadays, I cry…a lot. But apparently that’s all part of the deal…all part of being female. I’ve read, and heard, some horrific stories of women suffering through the Menopause. There have even been cases of women killing themselves because they cant cope with it anymore. Thats shocking, and so sad.

Menopause symptoms tags cloud – https://www.wellbeingpeople.com/2019/09/26/8-ways-to-support-working-women-going-through-the-menopause/

So, I will just carry on…not take to my bed for the day (as I often want to), try to cope as best I can by being kind to myself and look forward to coming out the other side. I just wish I’d been better prepared.

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