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The Power of Change

When we moved into this house we had a spare room downstairs. It was always going to be the library (I always wanted a library lol). I even bought two 7 foot bookcases at an auction in London four years ago to house my large collection of books (what can I say, books are my passion). But, unfortunately, that’s not going to happen now as the house is on the market and all my books are in storage, as are the bookcases.

The spare room downstairs has mainly been used as a bedroom over the last five years and as a storage room while other work went on around the rest of the house. But now, finally (just as we’re moving, how ironic) it’s my study. But…even though the room has been set up with my desk and all my writing stuff, I’ve not really been using it. Still preferring to sit at the dining room table. I couldn’t figure out why…until I saw a post by my friend, and all round lovely author Alex Brown on Instagram yesterday…a photo of her office. And then I realised what the problem was. My desk was in the wrong place.

I’d put it under the window so that I had a view of the garden, but, that meant I had my back to the door. I dunno why, but it kind of made me feel uncomfortable. Very odd. So my daughter turned my desk round for me, so that it’s at an angle to the window (like Alex’s). Oh wow, the difference it’s made. I’m now sitting at my desk typing this post…first time I’ve done it at my desk and not the dining room table lol. I now have all my notebooks on a shelf behind me, not stacked in a pile being moved every time we eat lol. So thank you for the inspiration Alex!

I did my first (weekly) Zoom meeting with my writing group from my “new” position last night, and it felt so good 😃 While I was waiting to start I decluttered the drawers in my desk (day 8 of #lessisnow in the bag!).

As a kid my Nan always used to say “change is a good as a holiday” and boy, was she right!

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