#lessisnow · colouring · decluttering · downsizing · flowers


Yesterday (as part of my #lessisnow challenge) I decided to sort through my pens. Woah…I didn’t realise I had so many. I don’t think I’ll have to buy another one for years lol.

I threw out (actually they’re in a bag to go to the charity shop) over 150 pens, most of which were Biro’s, but also some Sharpies and felt tips. I still have far too many so a second cull is on the cards (just how many red pens does a person need?).

As I was testing to see which ones worked it got me thinking about colour, and how it affects our mood. My house is very grey. In fact, the whole of the downstairs is a combination of grey, black and white (apart from the bathroom that has a bit of duck egg blue). I know grey is the in colour these days, but, I suspect, it does little for my mood. I would love to decorate…add some colour…but what’s the point when the house is on the market, and finances are tight.

I found this article, “How To Use Colour Therapy To Boost Your Wellbeing” which is worth a read. When my husband buys me flowers he usually goes for white roses (my favourite), so next time I’ll request something more colourful 😉 Perhaps some yellow Tulips or pink Carnations. They will definitely stand out against all this grey lol.

And now…I’m off to journal…with a purple pen, and later I will dig out my colouring book 😀

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