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Being Crafty

A couple of days ago I dug out a book I’ve had for years and never actually read *whoops*

Years ago I used to do collages, and I love being arty, especially if it’s something for the house. I’ve finally started reading it and the first idea/project is to create a boat. I’m not a huge fan of boats (I get sea sick lol), but I’m thinking I could use it kind of like a metaphor. During this pandemic everyone keeps going on about boats, all being in the same one. No, we are not all in the same boat…the same storm…but different boats.

So the plan is to create a piece of art that will remind me of this past year…incorporating a boat, and a positive message. Something about a journey perhaps…an adventure. After all, we’re just about to embark on one now we’ve sold the house.

I’m in the planning stage at the moment (which is fun in inself), and looking forward to making a start. I know where my pencils are, but I haven’t got a clue where I put my drawing paper lol

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