#lessisnow · decluttering · downsizing · moving

Putting Things Off

My Nan always used to say “Don’t put something off til tomorrow, if you can do it today.” She was big on sayings…I just used to roll my eyes lol.

Yesterday I opened the first of my two “china” cabinets and stared at the contents. The plan was to pack up all the stuff I don’t want/need/love (#lessisnow) and put it in a box for the charity shop (gawd only knows when they will reopen!). And the rest, in another box to go into storage as I don’t know if I’ll have room for even the cabinets when we move, let alone the china lol.

But…as I’m trying to be kind to myself, I didn’t do any of that and just shut the door

I couldn’t face it. I know it will have to be done (our buyer wants to be in here by the middle of March!), I know I have to make those difficult decisions soon. But yesterday just wasn’t the day. Instead I binged watched A Discovery of Witches.

Moving is hard work, downsizing even harder. But I think putting things off isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes you need time to get your head round the task, before you can act. Emotional connections are hard to break.

Fingers crossed today will be more productive, but if its not, then so be it…I won’t beat myself up.

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