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As Light As A Feather

Ok, perhaps not quite like a feather…but I’m getting there lol

It’s been a rough week…I can’t begin to tell you how many hours I’ve spent on Right Move, looking for a rental property to move into. It’s been so stressful and mentally exhausting. So yesterday (after much soul searching and debate) we decided to pull out of our house sale. The plan being to hold onto this house for as long as we can, in the hopes that things will return to a form of normality by the autumn. We’ll never know if it was the right decision, no one has a crystal ball. Only time will tell I guess lol.

I’m still going to continue with the #lessisnow challenge and keep decluttering the house because I’m fed up with all the stuff we have. Worst case scenario we could still be moving at some stage, because we have to, so why not be prepared eh?

After such an emotional day I really needed to chill, so I ended up reading (actually I flicked lol) Sink Reflections by the creator of FlyLady.

The book is sitting on top of 2 boxes of crockery for the charity shop – GO ME!

It’s a great book for anyone who feels overwhelmed by housework and bogged down with clutter. I discovered FlyLady initially about 13 years ago, when we were living in a 4 bedroom Victorian town house. It was huge, with 4 floors, 2 bathrooms and an enormous 2 storey garage. The house was filled to the brim with stuff, and FlyLady helped me take back some form of control lol. I fell off the wagon a bit when we left there, but never forgot some of the principles.

I came across this quote in the book yesterday “Clutter can keep you living in the past, or reliving the past. When you have things around you that don’t bring you joy from your past, you can’t move forward.”

Lightbulb moment! I have a particular chair that I’ve owned since 2000. I’ve kept it because it reminds me of a happy time in the past…but it is also connected to some very bad memories. So today, it’s going in the bin. Making decisions is something I’m not very good at, but I have to admit that once they’ve been made I feel lighter…the weight lifts and I can get on with the next task.

But I think that’s enough decision making for one week 🤣

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