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Win Win

Yesterday I spent the day focusing on the “wins” and there were surprisingly, quite a few.

Yesterdays “wins”…

  • I completed all my #teamtomm Level 1 tasks
  • I completed all my #teamtomm Level 2 tasks
  • I downsized my wrist watch collection and put over half of them into the charity shop bag
  • And I also put ALL my junk jewellery rings into the charity shop bag (I can’t wear any of them now because of my swollen fingers, so why am I keeping them?) #lessisnow
  • I managed to cook dinner, even though I was running late
  • I took my supplements (I’ve been really lazy lately and keep forgetting)
  • I ticked off every item on my “to do list”
  • I managed to read a bit of my book
  • I organised my grandsons Birthday card and present (to be delivered to my sons house)

It didn’t really feel like a productive day, but, rereading that list it bloody was! lol. And that’s the point isn’t it. We…I…tend to focus on the negative, the things I don’t get done, where I feel I failed. But hey, look what I achieved! I can’t promise I will be able to write them down every day though, but it’s a start 😃

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