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Trial & Error

I’m on day 17 of being ill. Nothing new there then, whenever I get a cold it takes me weeks to recover (thanks to my dodgy immune system). Been Googling how to home treat a cough…and keep coming across the same advice…”get plenty of rest”…ha bloody ha!

My house is a bit chaotic at the moment, to say the least. My daughter and 2 grandchildren moved in just over a week ago, which means my routines have taken a knock. Dealing with that plus the illness and lack of sleep has left me feeling completely drained and some days I don’t even feel like I can focus to reply to an email, let alone hold a conversation. I’m having daily headaches and wondering if anyone will notice if I just hide under the duvet for the next month lol.

I’m trying my best to keep going, keep cooking, cleaning, tidying, shopping….doing all the everyday stuff that needs to be done. But there is so little time left for me and that’s making me struggle a bit, and not helping me shake this bloody cold.

Another thing I discovered in my Googling about coughs is how central heating dries out the air, and can make a cough worse. So I treated myself to this…

It’s a humidifier and the idea is that it puts moisture back into the air that’s been taken out by the heating system. The plan was to have it on at night in my bedroom. But the first night I got a bit paranoid, as the instructions said if there is a burning smell to turn it off immediately lol. So of course, now, I don’t like the idea of leaving it on overnight while I’m asleep *rolls eyes*

Oh well, you live and learn…It’s on the windowsill in my study at the moment…it looks pretty though 😉

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